Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Grass growing well in the UK in December

This is the second year that we have had out 6m tall Fairy Bell Christmas tree (cone shaped led mesh) on the front lawn.   This is the second year that I have had to mow the lawn where the tree stood.  All that extra light made the grass grow!   Another observation I have made is that the houseplant Rhoicissus ellen danica is very, very hardy.   I left one outside hidden behind some terracotta pots and it's still green and surviving despite having a sprinkle of snow and despite being outside in sub-zero temperatures.  That's a hardy houseplant.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Bespoke lead style planters.

Bespoke lead style planters made from GRP (glassfibre). These are much lighter in weight than real lead and are a fraction of the cost. Tell us the required size and we'll quote!

Bespoke lead style GRP (glassfibre) planters.

Bespoke lead effect planter trough.

Lightweight lead style GRP (glassfibre) planter.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Lightweight balustrade for weddings and events

A baluster or spindle, historically made from turned wood, when placed side by side in a line forms a balustrade.  The balustrade will usually have coping stones or a handrail on top. The word banister is used to describe a balustrade forming a stairway.

A balustrade set against a beautiful landscape of established trees implies a grand country estate and this is an ideal backdrop for weddings and events.  What if you don't have access to a grand country estate?  Bring your own balustrade!

This balustrade and associated pillar is made from lightweight, tough and durable white polyethylene. Why not add some planters on pedestals to complete the effect.

For a more subtle effect there are pillar and chain combinations.

Call for further details:

Lightweight polyethylene balustrade

Lightweight polyethylene balustrade
Lightweight polyethylene pedestal

Lightweight polyethylene pedestal

Lightweight polyethylene planter on pedestal

Lightweight polyethylene pillars with chains

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Planters made from 80% recycled material.

The typical office planter has a very long life.   One office that we maintained plants in had the same glassfibre planters for over 25 years! They were almost as good as new after all that time. At the end of their office career they are put out to pasture, or put out in to the garden at least. We have often been asked whether the planters are being disposed of and whether staff can have one or two for home use. I am pleased to know that they can have an extended life of 40 years or more.   

Recycling glassfibre is not as easy as recycling other materials although it is possible as this earlier post shows:

Planters made of other plastics can be readily recycled and you can now buy planters that are actually made from 80% recycled materials. The recycled material comes from consumer products such as computer casings made from ABS plastic.

These come in the full RAL colour range and a number of Pantone colours.   The following styles are available: tall tapered round, tall square, tall tapered square, smaller tapered square and cube type squares.

Recycled planters: tall square

Recycled planters: tall tapered round

Recycled planters: tall tapered square

Planters made from 80% recycled material

Friday, 4 November 2016

Giant flower pots down in price since Brexit!

..although that is just a coincidence.   A new supplier is offering a giant flower pot made in exactly the same way as the other manufacturers but this pot is at a greatly reduced price.   Offered in matt white, mid-grey, green, purple and brown with the illuminated version in 'ice' or translucent.  As of November 2016 the 1100x940 pot is £335.00 + vat and delivery and the 1100x940 illuminated version is £435.00 + vat and delivery.  RGB led and rechargeable versions available at extra cost.

Giant flower pots

Monday, 23 May 2016

Chelsea's top gardeners turn to rock for inspiration.

The title is one of my favourite phrases at the moment.  My second favourite from Welsh garden designer Dan Bristow is "I generally work in back gardens in London which are terrace houses, so it doesn't lend itself to putting in two-ton or five-ton boulders in, but I would love to."

This is where I come in.   I suppose the artificial boulder in the image below would be around 2 tons if it were real.

 Take a look at artificial rocks and boulders here:

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Artificial polished pebbles

If you have around £80 and are happy to wait a few weeks you can buy a stone polishing starter kit and polish up some pebbles.   A little research will be need from websites such as 

You can cheat a bit and buy polished pebbles on eBay.   These will have a semi-polished appearance and will have nicks and dents.   For a super shiny finish you can buy glass pebbles in various colours. 
For portable display use or if there are weight or loading restrictions you can consider artificial pebbles.   Made of polyethylene, these are so lifelike as to be indistinguishable from the real thing.   There are advantages with artificial stones such as consistency of shape, colour and supply and the weight is around half when compared to the same volume or coverage of real pebbles.   The man-made pebbles can easily be drilled should you need to attach anything to them.   

Eight 3Kg packs will fully cover 1 square metre and five 3Kg packs will lightly cover the same area if spread over a suitable material, for example black pebbles on a black surface

Available in 3Kg packs (minimum 10 packs) you can buy these from

Real polished pebbles

Artificial polished pebbles

Artificial polished pebbles in grey

Artificial polished pebbles in white